Ferroli Combi Boiler’s out of order expansion tank

Hello Guys,

Someone please guide me concerning a problem, which is my three years old Ferroli combi boiler is facing since last night. The boiler overflows a lot. I am unable to fix this problem. What is the matter? Is something serious?



Hello, when the boiler’s expansion tank drips the water on the way to outside then, you should check the ballcock because, I am suspecting that the ballcock is damaged & needs the seal replacement. However, before this, check the current state of the water like the water is either cold or hot. In case, it is very hot then do take it seriously. You have to call a Ferroli boiler and ask him to replace a ballcock seal.

Ferroli Modena 80E Combi boiler’s faulty radiators

Hi Folks,

I have bought my Ferroli Modena 80E combi boiler five years ago. The boiler is facing some issues from the last few days and I do not know what to do. That is why I am here to get some help from the experts. The radiators of the boiler are not working. At times, radiators fail to heat properly & sometimes just one radiator remains quite hot from the bottom and cold from the top. I have restarted it many times but no progress. What else should I do to make the radiators work again?



Hi Tom,

You are facing this issue due to limescale/sludge accumulation in the pipes and even air in your boiler. Furthermore, if the need hot water is not reaching the upper part of the radiators then, a pump circulation error is a culprit. In order to rectify the problem, it is better to bleed the radiators for cleaning out the excess amount of air in the boiler. Conversely, you can power flush your boiler to clean out the deterioration.

Ferroli F30 boiler’s fan cycling on & off


My newly bought and installed Ferroli F30 boiler is making an extremely loud humming sound for approximately a minute before it fires up. I am quite worried due to this bothersome problem, as I have not faced this sort of issue earlier. What could be a possible reason behind it? The boiler is just few months old, so should I replace it or call a service center directly.

Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions


Hi Jeremy,

I guess the boiler’s fan is faulty that is why it is not working in a way as it should be. Some major and common fan faults are as follows:

  • Loose or damaged wirings and connections
  • Out of order PCB
  • Faulty air pressure button

For tracing the exact problematic area of the boiler, it is better to contact a Ferroli boiler engineer & ask him to determine where exactly the fault lies among these parts:

  • Fan
  • PCB
  • Air pressure switch
  • Connections & electric wiring

Sometimes, you can solve this problem by just fixing the loose electric wirings and connections. However, it depends upon the current condition of the boiler.

Ferroli Modena 80E Combi boiler faulty burner

i Everybody,

I have installed my Ferroni Modena 80E boiler four years ago. From last few days, the boiler is not working properly. The boilers make an extremely loud ignition. It seems that a spark is not holding the gas in a right way primarily, but afterwards, the flame is not staying. The boiler repeats the whole process constantly before it locks out. It is important to note that for flame sparking and rectification, the signal probe is also there. Someone please guide me



Hi Timmy, from the shared information I have concluded that the boiler’s burner is not working or faulty. I guess there is not flame signal on the boiler. Keeping this in my mind, I would advise checking the leads and ionization probe. Furthermore, you have to measure an ionization current while checking the condensation drain, ignition drain, ignition module, pressure of the gas and gas combination controller. After doing so, press reset button.

Ferroni Combi boiler flame issue during windy season


My one-year-old Ferroni combi boiler always faces a problem related to flame throughout windy season. The flame goes out at once especially when it is quite stormy outside. What is wrong with the boiler? As mentioned above, the boiler is just one year old so, should I replace it?

Thank you so much


Well, Steve it is quite unusual that your Ferroni boiler faces this problem just in the windy season. Nevertheless, at times, it happens & the main reason behind it is an improper installation of the ventilation shaft. Usually, only the windy season is not responsible. Whenever the boiler recognizes an uneven flue’s gas pressure, it will always lockout. Moreover, a slight blast of air will alter the existing pressure in a ventilation shaft and thus, forces the boiler to lockout. Conversely, the fan is out of order. You have to seek help from a boiler engineer.

Ferroli Falcon Combi boiler pressure issue and lockout

Hi Everybody,

I own a two- year’s old Ferroli Falcon combi boiler. From last few days, the boiler is not working properly. The boiler is losing pressure frequently and due to this, I am not getting the hot water to complete my domestic chores. Has someone faced this issue earlier if yes then please guide me. I shall be very thankful to you



Hi Martin,

Sometimes, the boilers will lockout if their pressure gets extremely low. You can fix it immediately by topping up the pressure but do remember that it is not a long-term solution. The most common reason behind the pressure loss is a leakage. Mostly, it will be dripping water from the towel rails valves or radiator valve. However, if there are no signs of leakage then, an accumulation of air especially in the radiators is a culprit & for this, you have to bleed the radiators.

Ferroli F30 boiler’s damaged thermostat

Hello Folks,

I have installed a Ferroni F30 boiler three years ago. Now days, the boiler is facing an issue which is related to the thermostat. It was working well until last night but now, the thermostat is not responding and communicating with the Ferroni boiler. What is the matter? Is something serious?


Hi Dan,

The thermostat is considered as an important part of the boiler because it lets us to set a required home temperature distantly. However, if the thermostat does not communicate with the Ferroni boiler then, faulty thermostat is a culprit. Mostly, it is a common issue in the older boilers because the thermostat of these boilers deteriorates over time and consequently can cause several issues. Well, you can try the following tips:

  1. Check the power supply of your Ferroni boiler
  2. Carefully, check the settings of clock and thermostat timer
  3. Do adjust the settings of the thermostat whenever it’s clock goes backward and forward  

Ferroli Modena 80E Combi boiler’s faulty pump and fan

Hi Guys,

I have a Ferroli Modena 80E boiler, which is nearly four years old. I have not faced any major issue up until now but from last few hours the pump and fan of the Ferroli boiler is behaving weirdly. Due to this, I am unable to use the boiler. The user guide of the boiler has been misplaced as well. What should I do? Should I replace the boiler or contact a service center directly?

Looking forward


Hello Mike, you can check the following parts of the boiler in order to fix the problem:

  1. Check the printed circuit board and fan and if they found faulty replace them instantly
  2. Check and correct restraint in the flue
  3. Check the different electrical connections with the help of a boiler engineer and fix them if required  

I hope that this information will help you in rectifying the problem.

Ferroli F30 boiler inaccurate water temperature

Hello Everyone,

From last two days, I am noticing that the water temperature of my two years old Ferroli F30 boiler is not correct. That is why I am using this platform to seek some professional help and advice. However, I would like to share that I have restarted the boiler many times but it did not work. What is the matter?

Thanks in advance


Hi, do not worry, as it is not a serious problem. You just have to try the some simple fixes in order to make your boiler work again. Firstly, check the rate of gas & water section as apparently the boiler is having two main issues i.e.

  • Gas rate is not correct
  • Out of order water segment

You can call a skilled boiler engineer and ask him to check the supply of gas, which is going towards the gas isolation regulator of your boiler and if he notice that, the boiler’s water segment is not working then, ask him to clean it promptly or even replace it if required.

Ferroli Combi boiler ignition issue

Hi All,

I have bought and installed a Ferroli combi boiler five years ago. It is a good boiler in terms of performance. Well, from last few days I am noting that the boiler is having the problems related to ignition. The boiler tries to ignite for few seconds and makes the blowing sounds as well. Afterwards, the boiler turns off. What could be a possible reason behind it?



Hi, this problem is quite common in the older models of the Ferroli boilers. In order to fix the problem, firstly check the flue that either it is blocked or not. Sometimes, debris and leaves stuck into flues & it will not allow them to vent properly. However, if the entire vent line is clear then, it is possible that the flue has rusted. For this, it is better to call a Ferroli boiler engineer and ask him to replace the wall clamps and flue.

Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.