Ferroli Modena 80E Combi boiler’s faulty radiators

Hi Folks,

I have bought my Ferroli Modena 80E combi boiler five years ago. The boiler is facing some issues from the last few days and I do not know what to do. That is why I am here to get some help from the experts. The radiators of the boiler are not working. At times, radiators fail to heat properly & sometimes just one radiator remains quite hot from the bottom and cold from the top. I have restarted it many times but no progress. What else should I do to make the radiators work again?



Hi Tom,

You are facing this issue due to limescale/sludge accumulation in the pipes and even air in your boiler. Furthermore, if the need hot water is not reaching the upper part of the radiators then, a pump circulation error is a culprit. In order to rectify the problem, it is better to bleed the radiators for cleaning out the excess amount of air in the boiler. Conversely, you can power flush your boiler to clean out the deterioration.