Ferroli Boiler Guide

Welcome to Ferroli Boiler Guide. We created this site to gather all latest and historical information about Ferroli boilers. If you are thinking of purchasing a new boiler you should visit Compare Model section, if your are experiencing an issue Troubleshooting Manual or Spare Parts section will be very useful. If you want to exchange your experience or ask a question check out FAQ section.

Ferroli boilers are very cost-effective gas appliances producing hot water for the taps and central heating. Ferroli boilers are also a proof that cheap doesn’t mean bad or unreliable. Ferroli boiler company has it roots in Italy, where company started as a gas appliance producer in the ’60. In ’80 company moved to UK and in further years to other 14 countries in Europe and Asia. Nowadays Ferroli produce domestic condensed combi boilers running on NG and/or LPG, commercial large output boilers as well as renewable solutions that can be combined with both.

An extra reliability and warranty

All Ferroli boilers have actually only four parts that are moving: fan, gas valve, pump and flow meter. That is the basic reason why those boilers are so compact in size and so quite in use. Boiler’s don’t need additional space or don’t produce additional noise by utilizing parts like diverter valve or plate heat exchanger. All Modena models are condensed boilers putting normally lost due to evaporation heat back to the system. Latest models come with up to 7 or 10 years warranty for parts and labor.

Selecting a Ferroli Boiler

If you are thinking of purchasing a new model you should visit our Model Compare section, where have gathered in a practical table all technical information about latest models. Before making a final choice we highly recommend to contact a Ferroli seller explaining what model you were thinking about and giving your house parameters (number of radiators, current heating system used, building size and isolation type) and general idea of the goals of your new heating system.

Common faults

Ferroli boilers like any other boiler’s brand experience some of the most common issues that include boiler and system leaks that needs shut valves replacement, loosing pressure that can be fixed by radiator air-venting or simple re-pressurizing. Other issues typical for particular appliance models

  • Ferroni Falcon combi boiler sometimes has an issue with shutting of and off several times that requires venturi replacement
  • Ferroni Modena 80E sometimes has an issue with picking up the work after a longer period of not usage and may require a re-pressuring the system after putting back to operation
  • Ferroli Optima sometimes years of usage has issues with programmer that causes heating not working as per pre-programmed schedule, but that can be easily fixed but replacing with a spare programmer.

Warning!!! Before starting any work on your Ferroli boiler you need to take into consideration that gas boilers fall under special appliance category, which means that any work on this appliance can per performed only by a person with proper qualifications (GasSafe Registered). Whenever an issue occurs immediately contact your Ferroli customer service team.