Ferroli Combi boiler ignition issue

Hi All,

I have bought and installed a Ferroli combi boiler five years ago. It is a good boiler in terms of performance. Well, from last few days I am noting that the boiler is having the problems related to ignition. The boiler tries to ignite for few seconds and makes the blowing sounds as well. Afterwards, the boiler turns off. What could be a possible reason behind it?



Hi, this problem is quite common in the older models of the Ferroli boilers. In order to fix the problem, firstly check the flue that either it is blocked or not. Sometimes, debris and leaves stuck into flues & it will not allow them to vent properly. However, if the entire vent line is clear then, it is possible that the flue has rusted. For this, it is better to call a Ferroli boiler engineer and ask him to replace the wall clamps and flue.

Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.