Ferroli Combi boiler circulation fault

Hello Guys,

I am quite worried due to my two years old boiler Ferroli combi boiler. Actually, both the heating and hot water is not working. I have restarted the boiler but it does not make any difference. Someone, please help me on urgent basis.

Thanks, lot



Hi Ben, your boiler is facing the circulation fault. Mostly, the circulation fault on the Ferroli combi boiler is due to the faulty pump. The pump could stop working properly due to two major reasons i.e. seized pump shaft and poor installation of the new pump. You have to get it checked by a proficient boiler engineer.

Ferroli Modena 80E combi boiler whistling noises

Hi Guys,

I have a three-year old Ferroli Modena 80E combi boiler. From last few hours, I am listening to the strange whistling noises, which are coming directly from the boiler. The sounds are extremely loud & last for a minute or more. What is the wrong with the boiler?



Hi Matt,

Normally, you will hear these whistling sounds when air badly trapped in the boiler. Although, low pressure of the boiler and kettling are equally responsible behind the whistling sounds. A damaged or faulty pump can produce difference annoying and strange sounds. Luckily, it can be fixed effortlessly once you bleed the radiators the pipes. Anyhow, if your problem persists, feel free to seek guidance from a skilled boiler engineer.

Ferroli Combi Boiler Cold Return Pipe


I have purchased the Ferroli combi boiler two years old. Nowadays, I am feeling that the boiler’s return pipes are very cold. I am not sure but I feel so. What should I do?

Thanks a lot


Hi Smith,

The cold return pipes are not just an issue with the Ferroli combi boiler, but all types of the boilers. The cold return pipes of the boiler represent the circulation error. By that, it means

  • The boiler’s pump is not working
  • There is a blockage

The best way out is to call a proficient boiler engineer. He will remove the cover on your Ferroli combi boiler in order to assess the current condition of a pump. If the problem persists after the detailed investigation, it is likely that you will have to power flush the boiler for removing the heating sludge.

Ferroli F30 boiler works intermittently

Hi Everybody,

I have bought the Ferroli F30 boiler five years ago. From last two days, I am noticing that the boiler turns off and starts up automatically. Moreover, radiators and taps are getting cold/hot constantly. I am unable to diagnose the problem. Has someone faced this issue if yes then, please share your views.



Hi Andrew,

When the boiler works intermittently, it is likely be due to the PCB and control panel. The PCB is considered as a vital of the boiler because it ensures that different electronic parts of the boiler work in symphony, therefore when one of the parts fails to work properly, your boiler will not work or run the way it has to be. For the detailed inspection of the PCB, it is advisable to call a boiler engineer. He will determine that whether the circuit board is getting the required power or not with the help of multimeter.

Ferroli Combi Boiler extremely hot water

Hello Folks,

My two years old Ferroli Combi Boiler is giving me the very hot water and due to this, I cannot do my household chores nor take the shower. Someone please tell me the reason behind it. Should I contact the boiler engineer or replace my boiler?

Thanks for your help


Hi Pat, there is no need to replace the boiler. The main culprit is the thermostat. However, when the boiler’s central heating system uses the tank or cylinder of the hot water, then you can say that cylinder thermostat is responsible behind this. Well, according to the provided information and my knowledge, you can overcome this problem by simply replacing the thermostat. On the other hand, when extremely hot water comes directly from the shower then, do not replace the thermostat. In this case, you have to check the different sealed parts of the shower or even replace them if needed.

Ferroli Falcon Boiler Dripping

Hi All,

My four-year’s old Ferroni Falcon boiler is dripping from last night. Apart from this, everything is working properly. I would like to mention that boiler was serviced last week. I do not know the actual reason behind it. Help, please

Thanks in Advance


Hi Mark, in order to stop leaking or dripping just open the boiler’s bleed controller, which you can see on the radiators. In this way, all the water will be released easily. You can use towels in order to protect your house accessories like floor or rugs to protect them from water. Moreover, after releasing the water, drop the pressure of the boiler. After doing all this, you can stop the dripping. Likewise, drain the boiler if you know the accurate location of a drain valve.

Ferroli F30 no pilot light

Hello Everybody,

I need an expert advice regarding my newly bought Ferroni 30 boiler. From last few days, the boiler is giving me the tough time. I have no idea what is wrong with the boiler. The pilot light of the boiler only works for few seconds. What should I do?

Eagerly waiting for your help, thanks.


Hi John,

You are facing the problem of flame detection. Well, you can face this issue due to several reasons, however most of the times; it is because of the congested pilot jet. I would like to make it clear that it is not possible for you to diagnose the exact reason. That is why you have to call a skilled boiler engineer as the whole process involves boiler’s disassembling which you can do alone.

Do contact us if the problem persists.

Ferroli Combi Boiler Unpredictable Heating

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to seek help on an issue; which my one-year-old Ferroli combi boiler is facing since last night. Actually, the boiler is having a problem of un unpredictable heating means heating comes on at unexpected times either, which seems out of control completely & makes no sense like 2 am or sometimes comes at the set time. What is wrong with the boiler?



Hi Rich,

I would like to share that the low-priced mechanical times, which are frequently installed in the Ferroli boilers meant to be extremely breakable & break easily if you try to turn back the timer. You have two options either call a boiler engineer or replace the mechanical timer of the boiler.

Ferroli Combi Boiler noisy central heating pump

Hello Guys,

I have purchased my Ferroli combi boiler two years ago. I am here to share a problem regarding the boiler. My boiler makes a loud and strange banging sound whenever I connect it to power. The boiler bangs after a second. It sounds quite weird. Someone please guide help in fixing the problem.

Thanks a lot


Hi Nick,

Some possible reasons behind the noisy central heating pump are as follows:

  • The shaft of the central heating pump is not leveled
  • Air-locked
  • Choked with dirt
  • Seized Internal parts
  • Wrong settings of speed

It is better to contact an expert boiler engineer for detailed and safe investigation.

Ferroli Falcon Combi boiler not firing up

Hi All,

I have installed a Ferroli Falcon combi boiler five years ago. It is a worth buying boiler, as I have not faced any major issue up until now. Well, from last two days I am trying hard to fix an issue, which it is facing. The boiler is not firing up properly or sometimes fire up just for few seconds. I have read the user guide manual and concluded that boiler is in its lockout state. As I said that boiler is five years old so, should I replace it now?

Thanks for your kind help


Hi Simon, I can understand your situation as having the boiler lockout is quite annoying. Generally, the main culprit is an important part of the boiler i.e. PCB. You have to contact a proficient boiler engineer to fix it. He will run some electrical tests with the help of multimeter to check the breaks in a circuit. If the boiler’s wiring is working properly then, undoubtedly PCB needs replacement.