Ferroli Modena 80E Combi boiler’s faulty pump and fan

Hi Guys,

I have a Ferroli Modena 80E boiler, which is nearly four years old. I have not faced any major issue up until now but from last few hours the pump and fan of the Ferroli boiler is behaving weirdly. Due to this, I am unable to use the boiler. The user guide of the boiler has been misplaced as well. What should I do? Should I replace the boiler or contact a service center directly?

Looking forward


Hello Mike, you can check the following parts of the boiler in order to fix the problem:

  1. Check the printed circuit board and fan and if they found faulty replace them instantly
  2. Check and correct restraint in the flue
  3. Check the different electrical connections with the help of a boiler engineer and fix them if required  

I hope that this information will help you in rectifying the problem.