Ferroli F30 boiler inaccurate water temperature

Hello Everyone,

From last two days, I am noticing that the water temperature of my two years old Ferroli F30 boiler is not correct. That is why I am using this platform to seek some professional help and advice. However, I would like to share that I have restarted the boiler many times but it did not work. What is the matter?

Thanks in advance


Hi, do not worry, as it is not a serious problem. You just have to try the some simple fixes in order to make your boiler work again. Firstly, check the rate of gas & water section as apparently the boiler is having two main issues i.e.

  • Gas rate is not correct
  • Out of order water segment

You can call a skilled boiler engineer and ask him to check the supply of gas, which is going towards the gas isolation regulator of your boiler and if he notice that, the boiler’s water segment is not working then, ask him to clean it promptly or even replace it if required.