Ferroli F30 boiler’s fan cycling on & off


My newly bought and installed Ferroli F30 boiler is making an extremely loud humming sound for approximately a minute before it fires up. I am quite worried due to this bothersome problem, as I have not faced this sort of issue earlier. What could be a possible reason behind it? The boiler is just few months old, so should I replace it or call a service center directly.

Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions


Hi Jeremy,

I guess the boiler’s fan is faulty that is why it is not working in a way as it should be. Some major and common fan faults are as follows:

  • Loose or damaged wirings and connections
  • Out of order PCB
  • Faulty air pressure button

For tracing the exact problematic area of the boiler, it is better to contact a Ferroli boiler engineer & ask him to determine where exactly the fault lies among these parts:

  • Fan
  • PCB
  • Air pressure switch
  • Connections & electric wiring

Sometimes, you can solve this problem by just fixing the loose electric wirings and connections. However, it depends upon the current condition of the boiler.