Boiler Efficiency and Types

If you are one of those home/ apartment owners who needs to solve an issue of providing yourself heating or/and hot water you will find this page really useful. Boilers are the most common and in many ways simplest solution of solving hot water/central heating problem, however not many home owners know how to choose the right appliance, after all there are some many of them in the shops.

High Efficiency Condesing Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are designed to provide both central heating in which hot water produced by boiler is being distributed with pipes to radiators installed in different points of your home and hot water to the taps in kitchen, bathrooms and utility rooms. Nowadays it is the most common solution chosen by the users of new houses as well as existing installation replacements or/ and upgrades. They all come in compact in sizes, easy to fit in the cupboards, most solutions don’t need external tanks for storage and as it happens with Ferroli boilers they have the ErP ratings (efficiency ratings) of “A”, significantly reducing long term costs on gas or/and water- 25% increase of gas saving in comparison with a boiler of “B” of “C” ErP rates. All Ferroli Combi boilers are condensing boilers, which basically mean that they are re-using the heat from the hot vapur that gets ventilated in traditional boilers. Naturally the more energy is recovered from the vapur, the more efficient the boiler will be. Ferroli Combi boilers are very quiet in operation and offer extremely competitive pricing with an outputs scale suitable for nearly all home sizes. All Ferroli models are recommended by Energy Saving Trust .

Boiler Reliability

Very important criteria next to efficiency is the boiler reliability. Most reliable boilers have long warranty periods, and good price. Important that the warranty covers all the parts and is extendable. Ferroli offers now up to 10 years warranty on Modena HE models. All Ferroli boilers are installed in less than half a day, all reach class 5 in NOx emission (best class), which makes boilers not not only highly efficient but environmental friendly. Standard annual check if required to keep boiler in right right condition, but that also takes much less than half a day.

How to Choose a Boiler

Ferroli produces a wide range of boilers for over 60 years so there are a lot of models you can choose from. Our recommendation based on efficiency and a house size would be:

  • Modena HE Combi, i25 Combi or Econcept 51A or for small and middle houses with a need for central heating and hot water with outputs of 17 kW, 25 kW and 27 kW
  • Modena HE system for small and middle houses with a need for central heating only with outputs of 18 kW, 25kW and 32 kW
  • i29 Combi, Econcept middle and houses with a need for central heating and hot water with outputs of 29 kW, 35-51 kW
  • Energytop W60, W80, W125 for big house and middle size commercial sites houses with a need for central heating and hot water with outputs of 29-125 kW