Ferroli F30 boiler’s damaged thermostat

Hello Folks,

I have installed a Ferroni F30 boiler three years ago. Now days, the boiler is facing an issue which is related to the thermostat. It was working well until last night but now, the thermostat is not responding and communicating with the Ferroni boiler. What is the matter? Is something serious?


Hi Dan,

The thermostat is considered as an important part of the boiler because it lets us to set a required home temperature distantly. However, if the thermostat does not communicate with the Ferroni boiler then, faulty thermostat is a culprit. Mostly, it is a common issue in the older boilers because the thermostat of these boilers deteriorates over time and consequently can cause several issues. Well, you can try the following tips:

  1. Check the power supply of your Ferroni boiler
  2. Carefully, check the settings of clock and thermostat timer
  3. Do adjust the settings of the thermostat whenever it’s clock goes backward and forward