Ferroni Combi boiler flame issue during windy season


My one-year-old Ferroni combi boiler always faces a problem related to flame throughout windy season. The flame goes out at once especially when it is quite stormy outside. What is wrong with the boiler? As mentioned above, the boiler is just one year old so, should I replace it?

Thank you so much


Well, Steve it is quite unusual that your Ferroni boiler faces this problem just in the windy season. Nevertheless, at times, it happens & the main reason behind it is an improper installation of the ventilation shaft. Usually, only the windy season is not responsible. Whenever the boiler recognizes an uneven flue’s gas pressure, it will always lockout. Moreover, a slight blast of air will alter the existing pressure in a ventilation shaft and thus, forces the boiler to lockout. Conversely, the fan is out of order. You have to seek help from a boiler engineer.