Ferroli Falcon Combi boiler pressure issue and lockout

Hi Everybody,

I own a two- year’s old Ferroli Falcon combi boiler. From last few days, the boiler is not working properly. The boiler is losing pressure frequently and due to this, I am not getting the hot water to complete my domestic chores. Has someone faced this issue earlier if yes then please guide me. I shall be very thankful to you



Hi Martin,

Sometimes, the boilers will lockout if their pressure gets extremely low. You can fix it immediately by topping up the pressure but do remember that it is not a long-term solution. The most common reason behind the pressure loss is a leakage. Mostly, it will be dripping water from the towel rails valves or radiator valve. However, if there are no signs of leakage then, an accumulation of air especially in the radiators is a culprit & for this, you have to bleed the radiators.