Ferroli Modena 102E

Ferroli Modena 102E





IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
13114205/0Casing “white”
23710535/0Boiler frame
33121173/0Boiler bottom frame
43121169/0Control box support bracket
53200243/0Combustion chamber
63430046/0Spring for connection
73211810/0Fan holder plate
83211709/0Union between fan and cover
93211815/0Room sealed compartment closing panel
103211808/0Room sealed compartment
113220276/0Polidoro main burner
123220275/0Window glass
133270044/0100 mm Ø aluminium air intake plug
143270061/0Diaphragm, “flue gases” Ø 47
153291415/0Flue gases baffle
163291412/0Front drawer semi-shell
173291413/0Rear drawer semi-shell
183500748/0Filter for 1/2" fitting
193400935/1Injector, Ø 1.25 (natural gas)
193400971/1Injector, Ø 0.75 (LPG)
203401189/0Pump coupling
213401151/0Ring nut, 1/2"
223401152/0Ring nut, 3/4"
233510155/0Pressure test point, “Venturi”
243430037/0Plug for 14 ext. diam. pipe
253430038/0Plug for 18 ext. diam. pipe
263430039/2Contact-type thermostat fixing spring
283500721/0Potentiometer knob
293500722/0Selector switch knob
303500729/0Control panel
323500742/0Plug for programming clock
333510059/0Gasket with guide, 27.5
343510097/0Conical cone insert gasket
353510098/0Gasket for 80mm Ø tube
363510100/0Gasket for 80mm Ø tube (air intake)
373510112/0O-Ring Øi 17x4,5
383510113/0O-Ring Øi 13x3
393510115/0Pressure test point, “air”
403510129/0Gasket between gas header and room- room sealed compartment
413510131/0Pressure test point, “air-fan”
423510145/0Gasket for 56mm Ø tube
433531525/0Inspection windows glass piece
443532059/0Combustion chamber side insulation
453532132/0Combustion chamber rear insulation
463532133/0Combustion chamber panel insulation
473620050/0Immersion temperature sensor
483620006/0Differential air pressure switch
493640009/0Flangeless silver-plated contacts 88° thermostat
503640010/0Flangeless gold-plated contacts 100° thermostat
513640018/0Flow meter
533640193/0Water pressure switch, 1/4"
543650495/0Pressure test point pipe
553650521/0Ø 4 red silicone pipe roll
563650538/0Conical grommet for Ø 16 hole
573650572/0four-tab earthing rivet
583650673/0Pipe, int. diam. 4, length 200, transparent
593650631/0Snap in grommet
603650664/0Control box with p.c.b.
613650665/0Cover for electrical box
623650634/0Box cover
633650651/0Cable grip
643650667/0Control unit
653660120/0Pump, UPS 15-50FX 9K Grundfos
673670258/1Spark electrode - flame detection
683670247/0Flame detection electrode
693680272/0Gas valve, Honeywell VK 4105 G
703680274/0Expansion tank 10 l
713690103/0Flow rate regulator, 10 l.
723740301/0Complete heat exchanger
733740303/0Combustion chamber panel, complete
743121151/0Bracket, expansion tank fixing
753751551/0Complete smoke box
763831915/0Wiring, complete set
773841180/0Pipework between heat exchanger and flow switch
783841088/0Water outlet unit
793841101/0D.H.W. flow pipe
803840873/0Pipework between gas valve and manifold
813840900/016 burner heads gas manifold
823841064/0Expansion tank connection pipe
833510143/0Pressure test point, “flue gases”
843841066/0Fan unit and plate
8555510002Porous strip, 10x5 “black”
873450527/0Check nut
883291414/0Air baffle
893500289/0Plug, “grey” ABS
903901080/0Diaphragm kit, “flue gases” Ø 50 - Ø 52