Ferroli F30E

Ferroli F30E





IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
131146890Casing “white”
231213100Boiler frame
331213110Bracket, expansion tank fixing
431214360Boiler bottom frame
532002430Combustion chamber
632002440Combustion chamber closing panel
732117090Union between fan and cover
832117550Smoke box cover
932118100Fan holder plate
1032118150Room sealed compartment closing panel
1132118100Room-tight compartment
1232202750Window glass
1332202760Polidoro main burner
1432700440100 mm Ø aluminium air intake plug
1532700610Diaphragm, “flue gases” Ø 47
1532700620Diaphragm, “flue gases” Ø 50
1532700690Diaphragm, “flue gases” Ø 52
1632914110Air baffle
1732914120Front drawer semi-shell
1832914130Rear drawer semi-shell
1932914140Drawer air baffle
2032914150Flue gases baffle
2134009351Injector, Ø 1.25 (natural gas)
2134009711Injector, Ø 0.75 (LPG)
2234012090Ring nut, 1/2"
2334012100Ring nut, 3/4"
2434012120Hinge fixing pin
2534012550Pump coupling
2634100610Control panel right-hand hinge
2734100620Control panel left-hand hinge
2834300380Plug for 18 ext. diam. pipe
2934300392Contact-type thermostat fixing spring
3034300450Spring for connection, Ø 10
3134300460Spring for connection, Ø 18
3234300510Safety thermostat fixing spring
3435007480Filter for 1/2" fitting
3535007840Potentiometer knob
3635007850Selector switch knob
3735007873Control panel cover
3835008460Instruments control panel
3935100970Conical cone insert gasket
4035100980Gasket for 80mm Ø tube
4135101000Gasket for 80mm Ø tube (air intake)
4235101120O-Ring Øi 17x4,5
4335101150Pressure test point, “air”
4435101310Pressure test point, “air-fan”
4535101430Pressure test point, “flue gases”
4635101450Gasket for 56mm Ø tube
4735101550Pressure test point, “Venturi”
4835101560Gasket, 32x32x2
4935101840Sealing gasket
5035101850O-Ring Øi 9x4
5135315250Inspection windows glass piece
5235320590Combustion chamber side insulation
5335321070Smoke box cover insulation
5535321320Combustion chamber rear insulation
5635321330Combustion chamber panel insulation
5736200500Immersion temperature sensor
5836400060Differential air pressure switch
5936400090Flangeless silver-plated contacts 88° thermostat
6036400100Flangeless gold-plated contacts 100° thermostat
6136400180Flow meter
6336401930Water pressure switch, 1/4"
6436501610Cable gripper
6536505720four-tab earthing rivet
6636506310Snap in grommet
6736506490Programming clock
6836506690Cable clamp
6936506724Wiring protection cover
7036506730Pipe, int. diam. 4, length 200, transparent
7136507000Electronic board
7336601520Pump, UPS 15-50 H12 AO/FP
7436702470Flame detection electrode
7536702581Spark electrode
7636802740Expansion tank 10 l
7736802880Valve, Honeywell VK4105G 1153
7836901030Flow rate regulator, 10 l.
7937403500Complete heat exchanger
8037515510Complete smoke box
8138320010Wiring, complete set
823840900016 burner heads gas manifold
8338410880Water outlet unit
8438414160Pipework between gas valve and manifold
8538414270D.H.W. flow pipe
8638414340Pipework between heat exchanger and flow switch
8738417890Expansion tank connection pipe